Friday, April 08, 2011

Capitol Briefing: Bills Dealing with Fire Sprinklers, Corporate Franchise Tax Sent to Governor

JEFFERSON CITY — Senators approved a variety of bills this week, giving 33 bills initial approval and sending 22 of those bills to the House for similar consideration. Two bills were approved by the Legislature and sent to the governor’s desk for his signature.

Senate Bill 108, sponsored by Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Glendale, was the first bill to be approved by the Legislature and sent to the governor this session. Senate Bill 108 would extend a provision already in law that would otherwise expire. The 2009 International Residential Code would have mandated the installation of fire sprinklers in all newly constructed homes. Instead, the General Assembly passed a measure in 2009 requiring home builders to offer buyers an option for the installation of fire sprinklers, allowing the consumer the choice to install or decline to install fire sprinkler systems.

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