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Senate Committee Hearings for the Week of 07/31/06:

Committee: Joint Committee on Gaming and Wagering
Date: Monday, July 31 Time: 11:00 AM Room: Senate Lounge

Subject: Illegal Gaming Devices

The committee shall be responsible for, but not limited to, legislative review of all state authorized gaming and wagering activities including proposed constitutional and statutory changes or other pertinent information that may affect the integrity of these activities. The committee is authorized to meet and act year round, employ the necessary personnel within the limits of appropriations and to report its findings annually to the general assembly.

Committee: Joint Committee on Tax Policy
Date: Tuesday, August 1 Time: 10:30 AM Room: Teleconference Call
Subject: Consideration of FY 2007 JCTP Budget

It shall be the duty of the committee:
(1) To make a continuing study and analysis of the current and proposed tax policy of this state as it relates to:
(a) Fairness and equity;
(b) True economic impact;
(c) Burden on individuals and businesses;
(d) Effecti…

Lawmakers Continue to Work During Interim

A fair number of Missourians probably assume that once the annual legislative session ends in May, lawmakers return to the private sector for the rest of the year. While it is true that many lawmakers return to their “second” jobs as doctors, lawyers, or farmers, the duties and responsibilities of Missouri legislators continue throughout the year.
In the Missouri Senate, most members serve on one or more interim committees, which meet during the summer and fall to gather public input and draft legislation to be considered in the next session. The Senate Interim Committee on the Cost of a College Education, for example, will meet this summer to consider the role of the state in funding a college education for Missouri students. Committee members will examine how higher education is funded in this state and consider alternative funding structures, they will examine the mechanism by which tuition rates are set at Missouri institutions of higher learning, and they will study student inde…

Latest Senate Bills Signed by Governor Blunt

Latest Senate Bills Signed by Governor Blunt

7/12 SB 618 Provides that electronic access cards may be issued to custodial parents for disbursement of child support payments Koster
7/12 SB 641 Requires all contributions to the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program be held for twelve months Scott
7/12 SB 778 Raises fees for registration of boats, vessels Ridgeway
7/12 SB 834 Alters various provisions of the state's special education policy Nodler
7/12 SB 1146 Modifies the process for review of an administrative agency's decisions Ridgeway
7/10 SB 616 Prescribes requirements for assisted living facilities Stouffer
7/10 SB 840 Modifies the highway and bridge naming process Stouffer
7/10 SB 892 Modifies law relating to financial institutions Scott
7/10 SB 894 Renders multiple alterations to the state's education policy Nodler
7/10 SB 900 Modifies provisions on the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Fund Shields
7/10 SB 1002 Allows the…

Latest Legislative News

A bill drafted and advanced by Sen. Pat Dougherty, D-St. Louis, expanding healthcare insurance coverage for Missourians has been signed into law by the governor.
Sen. Dougherty’s healthcare accessibility initiative makes insurance coverage more available and affordable for patients and employers by requiring health insurance companies to provide coverage for routine patient-care costs incurred as the result of phase II clinical trials undertaken to treat cancer. The law as it stood required coverage for clinical phases III or IV. Clinical trials help identify the best care for cancer patients and often lead to cures.
The bill represents the final piece of legislation Sen. Dougherty will handle over his 28-year legislative career due to term limits, which prevent him from serving longer.
The legislation also requires health insurers to charge only one co-payment on a prescription if the required single dosage is not available and a combination of dosage amounts must be dispensed to fill t…

Latest Senate Bills Signed by Governor Blunt

Latest Senate Bills Signed by Governor Blunt

6/30 SB 583 Emissions inspection program Griesheimer
6/30 SB 1023 Modifies the laws relating to DNA Profiling Analysis and resulting restitution Gibbons
6/30 SB 1189 Creates the Holocaust Education and Awareness Commission Gibbons
6/29 SB 667 Memorial Highways Engler
6/29 SB 701 Modifies educational assistance benefits for Missouri National Guard members Crowell
6/29 SB 749 Modifies minimum experience requirements for interior designer registration Engler
6/29 SB 756 Modifies requirements for licensing and registration of certain professionals Clemens
6/29 SB 819 Modifies licensure requirements for professional engineers and land surveyors Scott
6/29 SB 825 Investment District Koster
6/29 SB 828 Repeals the sunset provision for dental hygienists Scott
6/29 SB 830 Military Leave Ridgeway
6/29 SB 871 St. Louis City Retirement System Coleman
6/29 SB 872 "Move Over" Law Gibbons
6/29 SB…