Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More signed legislation by Gov. Blunt

Senate Bills Signed by Gov. Blunt

6/21 SB 612 Land conveyance Engler
6/21 SB 747 Car dealers Klindt
6/21 SB 845 Corporations Kennedy
6/21 SB 870 Appropriations payments Mayer
6/21 SB 893 Tax: corporate Scott
6/21 SB 964 Modifies provisions regarding the appointment and duties of assistant adjutant general Crowell
6/21 SB 1086 Police Officers Kennedy
6/21 SB 1122 Land conveyance Shields
6/21 SB 1165 Water pollution Klindt

Monday, June 19, 2006

Senate Bills signed by Governor Blunt

6/12 SB 580 - Shields - Creates a more effective education system
6/12 SB 614 - Stouffer - Income tax credit for contributions to residential treatment agencies
6/12 SB 645 - Griesheimer - Modifies the Missouri Business Use Incentive for large-Scale Development Act (BUILD)
6/12 SB 650 - Champion - Revises requirements for terms of government board of MO State University
6/12 SB 678 - Gross - Repeals the quarterly tax collections report requirement for temporary tax collection
6/12 SB 718 - Crowell - Revises the loan requirements be contingent on a borrower’s reliable means of repayment
6/12 SB 765 - Dougherty - Enacts provisions relating to emergency medical treatment
6/12 SB 822 -Gross - Nursing facility reimbursement allowance, and Medicaid managed care reimbursement allowance sunsets
6/12 SB 912 - Goodman - Authorizes establishment of virtual school
6/12 SB 919 - Scott - Repeals statute permitting city council of a third-class city to prohibit carrying concealed weapons
6/12 SB 936 - Vogel - County library boards may issue bonds for up to 5% (was 1%) of value of property within district
6/12 SB 1003 - Mayer - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property
6/12 SB 1045 - Goodman - Statute of limitations for recovery of lands does not extend to lands help by public utilities
6/12 SB 1084 - Gibbons - Extends the sunset for the healthcare for uninsured children program
6/12 SB 1094 - Champion - Authorizes governing body to dissolve special business district
6/12 SB 1155 - Stouffer - Technical advisory committee on the quality of patient care and nursing practices sunset
6/12 SB 1207 - Mayer - Allows New Madrid County to impose an additional sales tax
6/12 SB 1229 - Champion - Tax credits for children in crisis and adoption tax credit 6/13 SB 1026 - Cauthorn - Lt. Gov. to administer certain veterans programs
6/14 SB 932 - Scott - Creates new age/residency requirements for county treasurer candidates
6/14 SB 1001 - Griesheimer - Exempts drivers over 65 from showing proof of lawful presence for driver license
6/14 SB 1008 - Klindt - Governor’s Advisory Council on Agriculture Science and Technology 6/14 SB 1014 - Scott - Missouri Voter Protection Act

Monday, June 12, 2006

Governor Signs Education Legislation

Governor Signs Education Legislation
June 06, 2006

Governor Matt Blunt today signed two bills that originated in the Missouri Senate which will enhance educational opportunities for Missouri students and achieve a more efficient and effective educational system.
Senate Bill 912, sponsored by Sen. Jack Goodman, R-Mount Vernon, requires the State Board of Education to establish a virtual public school by July 1, 2007. Any student in kindergarten through grade 12 may enroll in the virtual school, regardless of where that student lives. Supporters say the Internet-based school could be used by a variety of students — the sick, the disabled, home-schooled students, students who are failing in a traditional classroom or those who need a more challenging curriculum. Students will be allowed to enroll full time in the virtual school or take just a course or two.
Governor Blunt also signed Senate Bill 580, sponsored by Sen. Charlie Shields, R-St. Joseph, which requires collaboration among various state agencies to achieve a more efficient and effective education system. The act calls on the Commissioner of Higher Education, the chair of the Coordinating Board for Higher Education, the president of the State Board of Education, and the director of the Department of Economic Development to meet and discuss ways their respective departments can work together to improve the state education system to better prepare students for the challenges of entering the workforce.

Other Senate Bills Signed:

SB 558
Removes termination date for experimental tariffs for schools
SB 559
Municipality/government/public corporation created under MO law or US considered a person
SB 561
Limits amount of expenditures of revenue from gaming board admission fees
SB 578
Makes it unlawful to protest activities near funeral services
SB 630
Eligibility requirements for properties owned by unmarried people as joint tenants
SB 648
Changes wording from “lunatic asylums” to “mental health facilities”
SB 677
Cleans up statute by deleting duplicative duties by Committee on Radiation Control
SB 725
Permit underage culinary students to taste, but not consume, certain alcoholic beverages
SB 751
Allow political subdivision to sell property purchased from school district for any purpose after 25 years
SB 785
Jailer may serve arrest warrant on inmate already in custody
SB 809
Provides municipalities option of adopting zoning regulations of county in lieu of their own
SB 837
Revises membership on governing bodies that administer insurance programs
SB 863
Includes municipal fire departments in definition of volunteer fire protection association
SB 931
Property owners once vote per acre when electing directors for transportation development district
SB 933
Duty of appointing railroad policemen to Director of Public Safety from Highway Patrol
SB 974
Mental health waitlist for services
SB 981
Authorizes the superintendent to issue general orders for highway patrol members for secondary employ
SB 1016
Requires county commissions to set tax rates by Sept. 20
SB 1056
Revises method of how community improvement districts may impose sales taxes
SB 1117
Moves MO RX Plan Advisory Commission to DSS
SB 769
Permits school districts meeting certain criteria to make a one-time additional fund transfer and to reduce their school terms
SB 802
Defines the term “owner,” “registered voter” and “voter” when used in provisions about certain sewer districts